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Perth, Western Australia

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TEL: 0406 108 480

E-MAIL: explorewa4x4@gmail.com

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Do you Want Free Nights?

Well you can! And it is simple.

There are several different ways to get freebies:

  • Blog

    • Write a blog (story) about your trip away in one of our campers.

    • Take a few Photo's of your Camp, Sights and People having fun.

    • Create a trip log of directions, Points of Interest, GPS Route, Costs etc.

    • Submit it in Docx format along with the Original Photos and GPS Route/waypoints.

    • We will have a look and make you an offer for the work. Normally, all being well, we will give you a free night towards your next rental​.

  • Refer a friend​

    • If you refer a friend we will give you 20% of the Value of their booking towards your next rental​.

  • Get a Paid GOLD Membership

    • Once you become a member you will receive:​

      • 20% discount on EVERYTHING

      • Free Nights​

      • Trips Away

      • Discounted Packages​

  • Book a "Long-Term" rental (21+ days) and receive a heavily discount price (Depending on the length of the booking).

That's it. That is all you have to do!